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Spirito Daiquri, ready mixed cocktail, 100ml

Spirito Daiquri, ready mixed cocktail, 100ml

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Close your eyes and savor the scents and flavors of a Cuban beach, wherever you are. Our Daiquiri is a delicate and fragrant mixture based on just 3 ingredients: Caribbean white rum, lime and sugar! Nothing else is needed to make this Cuban cocktail unforgettable. Only the best for our Daiquiri: we have selected the best light rum from the Caribbean aged 5 years at the equator, fresh lime juice and raw cane sugar.

Ingredients: White rum, lime juice, cane sugar | 20% Vol. 100 ML

 Careful selection of the best artisanal spirits
 Drinks mixed in Italy, in a liquor factory with 40 years of experience

This product cannot be sold to minors under 18 years of age

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