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Spirito Cocktails Barman Deluxe Box

Spirito Cocktails Barman Deluxe Box

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The “Barman Deluxe Box” is an exclusive and fun gift idea that contains all the essential elements to take on the role of a barman and serve ready-to-drink tasting cocktails. You can shake them to perfection in the environment you want.

The box contains:
2x Gin Sensation
1x Negroni
1x Passion Spritz
1x Tommy's Margarita
1x Moscow mule
1x Mojito
1x Daiquiri
1x Cosmo Thai
1x Whiskey Sour
1x Espresso Martini
1x Margarita

2x Branded glass cups
2x coasters
1x stainless steel shaker

 Each cocktail is made with the finest artisanal spirits
 Without gluten or sulphites
 Drinks mixed in Italy, in a liquor factory with 40 years of experience

This product cannot be sold to minors under 18 years of age

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