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Russell Hobbs Classics Coffee Grinder

Russell Hobbs Classics Coffee Grinder

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The Russell Hobbs Classic Coffee Grinder is the perfect appliance for coffee lovers. It has a high quality burr grinder that crushes the beans into particles of a consistent size, for better brewing and enhanced flavour. Its variable grind setting puts you in control of the process, setting it to 'fine' or 'coarse' depending on your personal coffee preference. With a simple push button control, in less than a couple of minutes you'll have up to 100g of freshly ground coffee.

You can also use as many or as few coffee beans as you need to make from 2 - 12 cups.  With an easy to clean removable coffee container, the Classic Coffee Grinder is ease to clean and maintain to ensure the flavour of your coffee is great every time and is not affected by old coffee grounds. The contemporary design and sheer simplicity will ensure that this appliance will take pride of place at the heart of every coffee lover's kitchen. 

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