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NIO Cosmopolitan, ready mixed cocktail, 100ml

NIO Cosmopolitan, ready mixed cocktail, 100ml

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The history of cocktails: Cosmopolitan

Iconically pink, the Cosmopolitan was born at the hands of Cheryl Cook, bartender and owner of Miami's The Strand. His words tell better than anyone the birth of the drink: "It was about 1985; the Martini was returning in fashion, with its classic glass. The women didn't seem to like cocktails very much but liked to be seen with martini's cup in hand. This gave me the idea of creating a cocktail that would please anyone and look good in this classic glass". So, I took the ingredients, Absolut Citron, a dose of triple sec, a drop of Rose's Lime and enough cranberry to make it deliciously pink. In a short time the cocktail was mentioned by the famous Cosmopolitan magazine, from which Cook took inspiration for the name.

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