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Sweet Joy Chocolate Hazelnut, 135g

Sweet Joy Chocolate Hazelnut, 135g

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Sweet Joy Chocolate Hazelnut

Budget line: High quality at the cheapest price

Delicious Sweet & Joy cookies with chocolate chips and hazelnuts. No added sugar at all! A crunchy biscuit with a bite. If you want to consume less sugar, you've come to the right place. For all nutrition-conscious people, parents with children, diabetics and generally people who want or need to eat less sugar.

Best of all: great taste with no added sugar. Sugar-free biscuit enjoyment from one of Europe's largest agricultural countries with a long baking tradition.

  • Cost-effective
  • Low in sugar with only 1.2g sugar per 100g
  • No added sugar – contains naturally occurring sugar
  • With hazelnuts and chocolate chips
  • Excellent taste
  • From a dynamic company with a high level of expertise
  • Internationally successful

Sweet Joy sugar-free cookies are generally made without hydrogenated oils and fats. High-quality flours, dried fruits and nuts as well as natural flavors form the basis for the highest biscuit enjoyment without added sugar. The sweetening is done exclusively with maltitol from natural raw materials. You too can enjoy these excellent low-sugar cookies with no added sugar.

  • Fair prices and permanently affordable!

Suitable for diabetics, nutrition-conscious people, for your low carb/LCHF diet. Low in sugar and no added sugar. Live sugar-free, that’s it!

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