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Berruto Pasta Cup, Fettuccine Cheese & Pepper, 70g

Berruto Pasta Cup, Fettuccine Cheese & Pepper, 70g

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Our FETTUCINE CACIO E PEPE is a stunning example of how Italian cuisine can transform basic ingredients into an extraordinarily delicious dish. Their balance of simplicity and flavor makes them a popular choice for lovers of traditional Italian cuisine and a delicacy for anyone wanting to savor an authentic Italian gastronomic experience.

These Fettuccine are produced with durum wheat semolina and are a "ready-to-heat" product, i.e. to be heated in the microwave for 3 minutes for al dente cooking or by adding boiling water from a kettle.

The new Fettuccine Cacio e Pepe have all the pluses of the line that expresses the Berruto Pots of Italy such as the refinement of the ingredients, the quality of the pasta, the speed of preparation and in addition they enjoy the considerable international appreciation of the Italian truffle. The result is incredible because the scent of Cacio e Pepe combined with the Fettuccine gives moments of pure enjoyment.

They do not contain preservatives, added glutamate, palm oil and fried ingredients. The package is recyclable.

The net weight is 70 g. and the weight of the prepared dish (with the addition of water) is 250 g.

Cooking time: 3-5 minutes
Weight: 70g
Type: Durum wheat semolina pasta

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