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Delicious Cream Egg Easter Coffee!


Coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven! So here is a fun way how to combine the 2 together to create a delicious and creamy chocolate & coffee hot beverage to celebrate this coming Easter! No cooking is required!

  • PREPARATION: 10 minutes
  • PORTIONS: For 1 person
  • COST: Low


    • 1 cup (approx. 300m) of Caffè Buongiorno Venezia ground coffee, brewed and hot.
    • 2 tbs of heavy cream (you can also use coconut cream)
    • 3 Cadbury Creme Eggs
    • Whipping cream (as much as your heart desires and your cup can hold)


      Let's Get started! Place one Cadbury Creme Egg into a microwave-safe bowl, with 1 tablespoon of the sweet heavy cream, microwave it for 30 seconds and then, mix it together until smooth.

      Pour the melted Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate into your brewed coffee, then add the remainder of the sweet heavy cream. Mix it all together.

      Add as much whipped cream to your liking to on the top of the coffee. Place a Cadbury Creme Eggs split on 2 or crumbled on top.


      Optional: You can add a little of cinnamon on top for extra flavour.


      Drink it whilst still warm.


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