Chilled Coffee Cream Dessert - Buongiorno Caffe' & More

Chilled Coffee Cream Dessert - Buongiorno Coffee

Chilled Coffee Cream Dessert - Buongiorno Coffee

Finally summer is here the long sunny days, the holidays… and the heat! With these high temperatures, hot drinks are not the absolute favourite as a nice refreshing beverage or cold dessert is more likely to satisfy the pallet! for this reason, in order not to give up the pleasure of a good coffee, today we offer you a fresh and quick recipe to prepare on long summer days.





True enthusiasts will never give up on a good morning espresso but, if offered at the most unusual times, cold coffee can prove to be excellent replacement. Try this as a refreshing drink in the middle of the morning or late afternoon, or perhaps as a dessert during dinner on a hot summer night with friends.

Today we bring you a tasty and easy to make recipe for a cold, frothy and delicious coffee cream dessert. As good as that those you buy from your favourite confectionery, but genuinely home made , this coffee cream dessert is just perfect for those moments when one needs a well deserved break made of freshness and positive energy.

  • PREPARATION: 20 minutes
  • REST: 1 hour
  • PORTIONS: for 2 people
  • COST: low



This cold coffee cream is a delicious simple to make dessert and requires only three ingredients: - 1 cup of coffee - 1 tablespoon of sugar - 50 ml of cream ( possible to use vegetable cream)



Start preparing the coffee cream by preparing the coffee , which will only be used once it has completely cooled down. - Once the coffee has cooled , add the sugar - Whip the cream for puddings firmly until stiff. The cream should be cold therefore whip it as soon as it is taken out of the fridge.


Once the cream is duly whipped, add the sugar to the espresso size cup of coffee to melt, then once the coffee is drink is cold add it to the whipped cream and continue to work the mixture with the electric whisker at a low speed.



Obtained a homogeneous mixture, then place it in the fridge and let it rest for about an hour.



The coffee cream will be ready when it has reached a very frothy and compact consistency. Serve the coffee cream by sprinkling chocolate powder or insert a biscuits.



You can sprinkle your coffee cream with ground cinnamon or alternatively decorate it with simple coffee beans. If you want a lighter recipe you can also use vegetable cream , the important thing is that it is cold and used as soon as it is taken out from the fridge. For lovers of bitter coffee, this recipe can become even easier by reducing the number of ingredients to just two! If you love bitter coffee, we suggest using the Buongiorno Sublime Blu or Sublime 100% Arabica blend with a softer and more delicate taste, perfect for counteracting the absence of sugar in the recipe.


If you prefer to use all the ingredients, we recommend the Buongiorno Sublime Rosso blend , with a strong and decisive flavor, excellent for balancing the sweetness of whipped cream. For those who don't like caffeine, this recipe can be made using the decaffeinated blend.


The coffee cream can be stored for one day in the refrigerator therefore it is recommended that you prepare it a few hours before serving it. Freezing is not recommended. If you do not have the classic mocha available, you can prepare coffee with the practical coffee pods or capsules.

On our site you will find capsules compatible with the Dolce Gusto , Nespresso , Lavazza A Modo Mio, ESE44 compostable paper filter pods and the more traditional ground coffees for mocha and beans. If you liked this recipe, don't miss the next cold coffee delight.

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