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Twinings Cranberry & Raspberry Infuso, 40g, 20pcs

Twinings Cranberry & Raspberry Infuso, 40g, 20pcs

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The deep-red colour and zing of cranberries help to make this infusion crisp and refreshing, while the raspberry notes bring a touch of sweetness to this mouth-watering blend.Plump cranberries and velvety raspberries shine softly in the evening sunlight. This blend brings you the best of both delicious fruits: the tart sweetness of cranberries, balanced with the gentle tang of raspberries and a touch of fragrant elderflower. The result is a delightfully lively infusion, bursting with the taste of summer.Made with all-natural ingredients, nothing more, nothing less. Naturally caffeine-free with no added sugar, enjoy any time of the day. Fancy yours chilled? Allow the infusion to cool before adding some ice and a few fresh raspberries.

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