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Sweet Joy Peanut Cookies, 135g

Sweet Joy Peanut Cookies, 135g

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Excellent combination of hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts and chocolates sunk in fragrant biscuits with oatmeal - no sugar! Ideal for a sweet lunch, a quick dessert or an energetic snack.

Aromatic, intense, crunchy, sugar-free cakes; The secret of their excellent taste lies in the selection of the best ingredients and the traditional way of baking. Maltitol is one of the few sweeteners suitable for diabetics whose taste is not different from ordinary sugar and leaves no artificial taste in the mouth. This can be used by diabetics and people suffering from insulin resistance.

Sweet & Joy cookies do not have sugar! Similar cookies in full sugar version have up to 34g sugar in 100g!

Sweet & Joy sugar free oat cookies with chocolate and nuts:

  • with real cocoa and big chunks of dark chocolate
  • zero sugar
  •  no glucose syrup
  • perfect for diabetic
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