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Enervit, The Protein Deal Minis, Milk Choco & Hazelnut, 33g

Enervit, The Protein Deal Minis, Milk Choco & Hazelnut, 33g

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Protein bar Crunchy Hazelnut minis

The mini low sugar protein bar 

  • - 10g of protein
  • - Low sugar (1g)
  • - Gluten free
  • - Triple layer, with dark chocolate coating^
  • - Milk Choco and Hazelnut flavour
  •  Bar 33g


  • Mini protein-rich crunchy layers
  • There's a new low sugar, protein-rich mini bar in town! It's got the crunchyness to satisfy your taste buds, and proteins for a boost during your busy days.The Protein Deal Minis has a low sugar formula with 10 of protein, which makes it the ideal alternative to conventional snacks.The Protein Deal Crunchy Hazelnut Minis manages to combine two smooth chocolate layers and a double coating of milk chocolate^, which enrobe a layer of crunchy nuggets. Inside, a rich nuts layer.
  • - 10g of protein
  • - low sugar
  • - gluten and palm oil free
  • Why take it during the day
  • The Protein Deal Minis bar satisfies your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty. It has all the essentials to give you a moment of indulgence, whether at work, in the park, or at the gym. 
  • The Protein Deal Crunchy Hazelnut Minis contains high quality protein* to help your muscles grow, and is designed to provide valuable nutrients with the added benefit of being low sugar and delicious.

  • *Protein contributes to maintaining muscle mass.
  • ^Covered in dark chocolate with sweetener.
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