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Berruto Pasta Cup, Leak & Potato Soup, 70g

Berruto Pasta Cup, Leak & Potato Soup, 70g

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Our DITALIANI LEEK AND POTATO SOUP represent an elegant symphony of flavors and textures that capture the heart and the palate. This culinary delicacy offers a harmonious combination of two main ingredients: leeks and potatoes.

Leeks, with their delicate and slightly sweet aroma, play a central role in this soup. Finely chopped, the leeks melt into the hot broth, releasing an enveloping aroma that anticipates the delight that is about to come. Their natural sweetness goes perfectly with the creaminess of the potatoes.

Potatoes, diced and cooked until tender and velvety, add a smooth, rich texture to the soup. Their presence makes the dish incredibly satisfying and creamy. The combination of leeks and potatoes provides a tasty base, without being too heavy.

Ditalini are produced with durum wheat semolina and are a "ready-to-heat" product, i.e. to be heated in the microwave for 3 minutes for al dente cooking or by adding boiling water from a kettle.

The new Leek and Potato Soup Ditalini have all the pluses of the line that expresses Berruto Pots of Italy such as the refinement of the ingredients, the quality of the pasta, the speed of preparation.

THE DITALIANI LEEK AND POTATO SOUP embody the essence of Italian comfort cuisine. This dish is a tribute to culinary tradition and offers an experience that tastes of home and heart. Its simplicity is its strength, with the leeks and potatoes combining in an elegant dance of flavors and textures. It's the perfect choice for those looking for an enveloping and delicious soup that satisfies the desire for comfort food in a refined way.

They do not contain preservatives, added glutamate, palm oil and fried ingredients. The package is recyclable.

The net weight is 70 g. and the weight of the prepared dish (with the addition of water) is 250 g.

Cooking time: 3-5 minutes
Weight: 70g
Type: Durum wheat semolina pasta

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