Puly liquid descaler has been designed so you get the correct amount of acid to dissolve your lime build up in your coffee machine. No chance of over doing the acid and wearing out the silicon rubber gaskets prematurely. 

It is packaged in easy to open one-shot dispensers with the correct amount to descale on small machine per dose.
As with all the Puly products, it has been extensively tested and is the best solution available on the market today.

    PULY Descaler Espresso for coffee machines x 2

    • Directions:
      - Empty 1 x 125ml  Puly descale pouch to 400ml of water into coffee machine water tank.
      - Turn on and off coffee switch until all the liquid is gone from water tank.
      - Fill tank with 3 liters of clean water and turn on and off coffee swithc every 30 seconds until clean water is gone from water tank.
      - Machine is now descaled.


    • Contents:
      2 x 125 ml Puly decaf descaling liquid

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