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6 interesting facts about coffee that you probably didn't know about! - Caffè Buongiorno

It is on your mind as soon as you open your eyes first thing in the Morning and then probably you consume far too many cups throughout your busy day! But did you know the fascinating backstory behind your morning cup of coffee? We bring you 6 interesting facts about coffee that you probably didn't know about!

6 interesting facts about coffee that you probably didn't know about!

1. Arabica and Robusta are the main two types of coffee species planted in the World.

Robusta is a stronger bean, it tastes slightly more bitter and contains more caffeine then the Arabica. The Arabica is predominantly more popular than the Robusta, and it is the most planted specie.

2. Did you know that the word Espresso means "pressed out" in Italian?

Espresso coffee is made by forcing hot water to pass through the pressed ground coffee and despite this is the shortest coffee drink, it has more caffeine per volume than the regular Americano coffee.

3. For those Decaf drinkers, decaf does not mean that the coffee is free from caffeine!

Studies suggests that an 8 oz. cup of brewed decaf coffee contains approx. from 2 to 12 mg of caffeine. The same size cup of non decaf coffee contains between 95 to 200 mg of caffeine.

4. Leftover ground coffee can beautify your skin.

Coffee grounds are exfoliators that can remove dead skin cells, making your skin smoother and looking shinier. Some beauticians suggests that caffeine could improve blood circulation in the skin, even if at the moment there is insufficient clinical data on this subject. Save your leftover ground coffee residue once you prepared your coffee and use it as DIY body scrub.

5. Coffee drink dates back to 800 A.D.

Legend has it that in the 9th-century a monk made a drink from the coffee plant and after drinking it, it kept him awake at night, thus the original cup of coffee was born.

6. Coffee was baptised in 1600 by Pope Clement VII

Back in 1600 the Italian clergymen, tried to ban coffee as they believed it to be a 'satanic' drink. However, Pope Clement VII loved coffee so much that not only he lifted the ban but he decided to have coffee baptised!

If you liked these facts, then follow our blog to discover our next coffee curiosity!!

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