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How to make a cup of Traditional Maltese Coffee at home.

Coffee is the drink of choice not just in Malta but everywhere in the World. For most of us, that first morning coffee is a must, and without it we are unable to function and start our busy day ahead. Others may prefer to leave the caffeine intake for a late morning cappuccino when catching up with friends or just need a five minute break from the hectic routine. Whichever one it is, we can all agree that no coffee lover can imagine life without coffee in it!

Nowadays one can find a lot of brands and blends, however most coffees are prepared the same way, but something that the young generation might not know that in the past our grandparents used to mix herbs and spices with their ground coffee to make their very own traditional Maltese coffee, a.k.a. il-Kafe Msajjar,

Even if nowadays this traditional coffee is found scarcely in just a few specialised coffee places, one can still prepare this coffee in the comfort of their home.


Here’s what you need to make a cup of traditional Maltese coffee at home.

  • Espresso moka pot
  • Ground Coffee
  • Ground Aniseed
  • Roasted Chicory
  • Ground Cloves

For ground coffee we recommend our #Napoli blend which is made of 80% Robusta & 20% Arabica or if you prefer the #Venezia blend which is made of 50% Robusta& 50% Arabica. Either will give you a strong yet delicate creamy tasting coffee.


For the mixture

In a small bowl, mix five tablespoons of ground coffee with two teaspoons of roasted chicory, half a teaspoon of ground cloves and half a teaspoon of ground aniseed.

Place this mixture in your pot’s funnel and press the coffee with the back of a spoon. The tighter you press the coffee the tastier the coffee will filter. Fill the bottom part of the Moka pod with water, place the funnel inside, then close by turning tight the upper part.


Once the coffee is ready, just pour into a glass or a cup and serve whilst still hot. Optional: You could add some tangerine or orange zest freshly grated.

Enjoy this hot beverage!

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