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Ways to recycle your coffee capsules

Where and how do I discard my coffee capsules?


Once the #coffee capsule has been used, do you know where to dispose it? How can I dispose of it using the correct recycling and separation methods in order to respect the environment?

Here's how and where the capsules should be recycled and fun ways to reuse some of them. If you are a coffee lover and regularly use coffee products that comes in pods or capsules, then you need to know how to dispose of these in the correct manner to respect the environment!

In today's fast moving World, coffee machines which utilises capsules and pods have become very popular due to their practicality. However, having this commodity and the luxury of making a quick coffee at home like you would have in a coffee shop, has generated 120 thousand tons of waste in coffee capsules. In a time where we should be more responsible towards the future of our planet, in the era where everyone is switching to organic solutions, eco-sustainability and encouraged recycle and reuse, having so much waste produced from this commodity is not helping. Separating the daily waste in a correct manner and knowing how to positively discard the capsules after used is extremely important for safeguarding the future of our planet.

Recycling the plastic coffee capsules Capsules in plastic are certainly the hardest to recycle and to dispose of. These unfortunately are the most common capsules used in #Malta, hence why it is important that we learn how to clean and dispose these type of capsules in the green/grey recycling bag instead of the multiuse black garbage bags. For the espresso or herbal tea capsules that contains ground coffee or tea you should remove the used coffee/tea from inside the capsule before recycling it. you need to cut off the top plastic with a sharp knife, if there is water then empty in the sink, once water is discarded with a teaspoon scoop the used ground coffee or tea into the organic waste bin (the small green bin). You can now dispose of the capsule and throw inside the green or grey recycling bag.

Did you know that you could save the used ground coffee and add it to soil in when planting your plants?


Recycling the biodegradable coffee capsules In recent years, several large capsule and pod manufacturers have invested heavily in research and development, and have managed to create wrappers made of completely biodegradable materials. As the name implies, biodegradable coffee capsules can be thrown directly into the organic waste bin (the small green one) as this will decompose naturally in few short Months and can be reused safely in the agricultural industry. It is not necessary to empty the residue of coffee from the capsules, all you have to do is to just throw the capsules directly into our organic bin. Given the large number of capsules and pods that are used on a daily basis, the fact that one can find the biodegradable option is certainly good news to the environment therefore we highly recommend that when you are buying your pods or capsules you opt to go for the biodegradable ones. We, at Caffè Buongiorno are proud to have already introduced biodegradable capsules for our Nespresso compatible capsules and we are currently researching ways to introduce these biodegradable capsules to all of our products and brands. Watch this space!!!

By opting for this material, you are not just making a difference to the future of our planet but these pods/capsules are also convenient for use and will save us time since once used all they need is to be thrown in the organic waste bin. Very simple and easy way to recycle! The compostable pods and capsules are made in compliance with the European standard EN13432, which establishes the rules that a certain material must respect in order to be defined compostable. To understand whether the capsules are biodegradable or not, check carefully the package for the printed word 'compostable' before making your purchase. The compostable Buongiorno range consists of ESE44 paper filter pods, available for both coffee blends and instant products, and Nespresso compatible capsules in three coffee blends.


Recycle the plastic soluble capsules Unlike the espresso capsules which are usually filled with ground coffee, the capsules for the instant flavours such as cappuccino, Latte instant drinks is completely made in plastic. Consequently, it will be sufficient to dispose of this capsule directly in the green or grey recyclable bags, however before doing so, leave the capsule to get cold, then pierce the top plastic and discard of the water, once done so, just discard the capsule since the soluble will be completely dissolved during dispensing. Our Buongiorno compatible soluble capsules are available for the Dolce Gusto, Nespresso and Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines.


We have provided you with all the disposal solutions to help the environment by recycling your used coffee pods and capsules, however ultimately it is up to you to action such processes and make a difference to the future of our planet.

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